Transformational change requires strategic organizing

The Alliance for a Just Society builds powerful issue campaigns that win.

  • We educate organizers and movement leaders.
  • We help develop effective strategies for racial and economic justice movements.
  • We create innovative organizing projects.
  • We partner with organizations to build people’s power.

Organizing and training for the public good.

Organizing for the public good means building power to expand and protect public goods. In the words of K. Sabeel Rahman, “Public goods are not so much about ‘free stuff’ as they are about the ‘stuff that makes us free.’” This is why fights for public goods hold the keys to a just, democratic future. We help organizations use a public goods framework to build more strategic campaigns.

“The team at the Alliance for a Just Society is powerful in helping groups embed a racial justice analysis in both their organizing practice and campaigns.” 

— Glenn Harris, Executive Director, Race Forward

Some of our current campaigns:

Transit Justice

AJS began organizing the National Campaign for Transit Justice in 2020 to help save public transit amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We built a powerful network of rider groups, transit advocates, unions, and others.

Communities for Our Colleges

Our Colleges, a campaign organized by AJS in Washington State, recently won groundbreaking legislation, securing millions of dollars for students and campuses.

Some of our partners

Support Alliance for a Just Society

Your tax-deductible donation to AJS allows us to continue our cutting-edge organizing campaigns. A donation, large or small, will go directly to building grassroots power.

  • $100 will cover a month of cell service for a rural organizer.
  • $1,000 will fund a community meeting.
  • $10,000 funds a daylong organizing training.