Training & Education

Great organizers first master the basics of the craft.

The Alliance for a Just Society (AJS) has trained thousands of grassroots organizers. From training and supervising summer organizing interns, to training organizations’ entire staffs, AJS has helped change-makers hone their skills.

Over three decades, AJS has crafted a celebrated organizing curriculum that is grounded in the core universal principles of organizing and also innovates based on contemporary ideas and tools.

“The team at AJS are some of the best out there at training organizers and rooting organizing skills in an understanding of the history of social movements.”

— Saru Jayaraman, One Fair Wage

AJS also conducts trainings and education sessions to help organizers and grassroots leaders understand systemic racism. We specialize in assisting organizations with crafting organizing campaigns and programs to advance racial equity and justice.

AJS utilizes educational workshops to deepen the analytic and strategic capacity of organizers and their organizations. We help organizers better understand the world they live in in order to be more effective change-makers. 

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“The team at AJS brings years of experience as organizers, trainers, and educators to their work with Yale students who served as summer organizing fellows under their supervision. They have a rare combination of organizing skills, historic knowledge, and critical analysis that makes for a distinctive intellectual and political experience for the students.”

— Daniel Martinez-HoSang, Associate Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Yale University

Training Videos

Sample training videos are coming soon!

Some of Our Workshops and Curricula

AJS has decades of experience developing and conducting educational curricula to advance social justice. We conduct workshops for staff and grassroots leaders. Below are some of the trainings we have developed. We usually do no do one-off workshops. We believe education builds capacity when it is connected to campaigns or in connection to long-term collaboration. If you are interested in partnering with us on training or political education for your organization or campaign, please email us at

  • Intro to Organizing
  • Understanding Power
  • Leadership Development
  • Using a Race Frame to Shift Narrative
  • Campaign Strategy for Senior Organizers
  • How Racism Works on Different Levels
  • Racial Capitalism as a Framework
  • Racial Justice in Organizing Campaigns
  • The History of Race & Racism in the US
  • Native Sovereignty for Non-Natives (with Native Organizers Alliance)
  • Introduction to Public Goods
  • Developing Public Goods Campaigns
  • What is Racial Equity to Racial Justice