Communities for Our Colleges

Just Strategy founded Communities for Our Colleges to fight for Washington State’s 34 community and technical colleges. Our Colleges is an organization of students, faculty, alumni, and community supporters.

Community colleges are the backbones of our economy and local communities. They drive racial equity and working-class success. We are building power to defend and expand access to community colleges.

Report: What Students Need In a Time of COVID

This report gathers the voices of students at Washington State’s community and technical colleges (CTCs) in order to shine a light on the important role CTCs have to play in advancing racial and economic justice. The report also explains how the challenges students face at CTCs arise from underfunding and lays out policy recommendations to address these challenges.

Report: Our Colleges, Our Future – Legislative Storybook

Our 2021-22 Legislative Storybook captures the voices of students across Washington to illustrate the challenges we face in attending our state’s Community and Technical Colleges. Using both a qualitative and quantitative approach, the report outlines eight policy recommendations to address the racial and economic equity gaps in Washington’s CTCs and to better serve and support our students.