Campaigns are the scaffolding of organizing. Campaigns are essential to winning changes in policy. They are also the key to leadership development and recruitment. AJS crafts powerful and effective organizing campaigns. We helped win the Affordable Care Act in 2010. We helped win billions of dollars to save public transit in 2020. We delivered important victories for students and faculty of Washington State’s Community colleges in 2021.

“LeeAnn Hall and the team at AJS have for years consistently been innovators in building creative and powerful strategies, winning campaigns, and building long-term power in communities across the country.”

— Dorian Warren, Executive Director, Community Change

The Alliance for a Just Society has led federal, state, and local campaigns on health care, immigrant rights, economic justice, criminal justice reform, and other crucial issues. Below are some of our current campaigns:

National Campaign for Transit Justice

Abundant transit unlocks freedom of movement. But good transit is very scarce in the U.S. today. We lead a national campaign of transit riders and advocates.

Communities for Our Colleges

Communities for Our Colleges is a coalition fighting for Washington State’s community and technical colleges.