November 17th: American Dream Day of Action

We’re starting to get the 1% to pay attention. But this system’s still rigged against us: Wall Street is still making billions and taking our homes, and Congress can’t pass a jobs bill. To amplify the economic emergency, Thursday, November 17, has been declared a massive day of action to show “We Are The 99%”.  We are proud of our Alliance affiliates who are organizing a Day of Action in their hometowns. Please join them and show your solidarity for the 99%:

Virginia Organizing Project:

“Get On The Bridge” Richmond Rally, Enough is Enough!

Where: Hamilton Street, at the base of 195

When: 12:00 pm

More info: Cathy 804-683-1227


Washington Community Action Network:

Rally for Jobs Not Cuts At the Montlake Bridge

Where: Montlake Bridge on Montlake Blvd, Seattle

When: 3:30-5:00 pm

More info: Chris at 206-389-0050


Progressive Leadership Alliance of Colorado:

American Jobs Act Direct Action Rally at Lloyd George Federal Building

Where: 333 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV

When: 2:00 pm

More info: Michael Ginsburg, 702-791-1965


Colorado Progressive Coalition:

We are the 99% – Bridge the Gap to Tomorrow!

Where: Union Bridge at the Riverwalk, just east of Union Depot, 132 West B Street, Pueblo, CO

When: 11:00 AM

More info: Daneya Esgar – 719 248 8262















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