Institute for Pragmatic Practice – 2013 Symposium

The Institute for Pragmatic Practice (IPP) gathers key thinkers and leaders concerned with pressing public policy issues. Together, they develop innovative ideas and solutions to help make our society more just and equitable. We host one symposium every 6-12 months.

IPP develops research, analysis, strategic thinking, and tools to spark positive public dialogue on pressing public policy issues. IPP’s key thinkers draw from a range of disciplines and backgrounds to develop innovative ideas and solutions.


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SAVE THE DATE! October 17-19 2013

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October 17-19 2013 – New York City


The Alliance for a Just Society and the Union Theological Seminary bring you the fifth Institute for Pragmatic Practice symposium,

Cellblocks and Border Stops: Transformative Activism in an Age of Dehumanization.

Confirmed speakers include: Cornell West, John Powell, Pramila Jayapal

Join us to deepen and strengthen the relationships between organizing around criminal justice and immigration; develop a shared analysis of the role of race, dehumanization and disposability within both immigration control and mass incarceration; and identify new organizing opportunities and initiatives in these areas centered on personhood and racial justice.

Themes include: Beyond Punishment, Transformational Engagement; Capitalism, Neoliberalism and Control; Attacks on Families of Color.What Does the Militarization of Police and Increased Enforcement Mean for Our Work?

Registration begins August 15th

Cover art: Ink Fingerprint Drawings

“Thinking about a medium in which to express the subject of prison and injustice, I came across a medium that is familiar to all prisoners: fingerprints. We are fingerprinted from arrest to release and are assured that nobody else will have the same mark. What better way to draw than to use those same distinguishable marks? All [these] drawings I have done soley with my right thumb, index finger, and/or stencils: no pen, no brush, no pencil, no marker. Most of them I have donated , or will donate, to several non-profit organizations that serve the prison population. Want to verify my identity? Take these drawings to the nearest precinct!” – Denis Martinez, Sing Sing Prisoner

The symposium is co-sponsored by and will be held at the Union Theological Seminary, New York City October 17-19 2013