Testimony: A Living Wage Is about Family Prosperity

Yesterday I got the chance to testify to the Washington state House Labor and Workforce Development Committee.

Our living wage research findings set a standard, that mere survival is not an adequate measure of a healthy society, and not an expectation we should be striving to set. It’s about a living wage that positions families to build for the future and realize their dreams.

The highlight of this presentation for me, however, was telling the stories of individual workers who are struggling to get by. Like Anna Anderson of Aberdeeen, a star college student with a 4.0 GPA, but who had to quit school to support her son and disabled husband.

“I often think about getting back into school, but quickly dismiss the idea because I need to find a second job instead to make our living conditions more suitable. I am a hard worker and have always done my best to give my family the life they deserve. I am, however, constantly feeling like my best isn’t good enough and my hard work will never pay off.”

Our findings are not just abstract numbers; this is what our working families are up against.

Here is some news coverage of the hearing:

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