Alliance Statement on Immigration Ruling

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:   Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Contact:  Kathy Mulady, Communications

Alliance for a Just Society Joins Organizations Nationwide, Confident That

the Politically Motivated, Anti-immigrant Ruling Will be Quickly Overturned

WASHINGTON – The ruling today by an anti-Obama, anti-immigrant judge in Brownsville, Texas, is disappointing, but it is only a temporary setback. Immigrants and immigrant advocates have fought long and hard, and will not give up now.

U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen issued a preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks the start of the new immigrant deferred action programs, and pushes back the Feb. 18 start date for young immigrants to apply for work permits.

“We are deeply disappointed that legislators, and even a judge, continue to play political games with people’s lives. It’s inexcusable, but at this point, no longer surprising,” said LeeAnn Hall, executive director of the Alliance for a Just Society.

“This is one more bump in the road as we build a sturdy path and permanent solution that includes citizenship for all 11 million immigrants in our country. We are so close, we must continue our march,” said Hall.

Legal experts throughout the country agree that President Obama’s executive action on immigration is well within his authority. We are confident that the legal system will overturn the money-wasting and time-wasting lawsuit.


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