Statement from LeeAnn Hall: “Closing the door to refugees is about hate and fear – not safety”

Nov. 20, 2015
Contact: Kathy Mulady
Communications Director
(206) 992-8787

Statement from LeeAnn Hall, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Just Society:

Of all the nations worldwide, the United States, built on welcoming those fleeing persecution at home, should be first to offer a safe harbor to refugees in a time of need.

Instead, Thursday, House Republicans, joined by 47 Democrats, hastily passed a bill that effectively ends the current U.S. refugee program for people fleeing the brutal civil war in Syria – a war our government is actively involved in.

Let’s be clear, closing the door to refugees is about hate and fear – not about safety.

In the days following the tragic terror attacks in Paris, politicians in our country flooded the airwaves and the Internet with racist and alarmist rhetoric. At a time when the United States should be embracing all victims of violence, they are stirring distrust.

Meanwhile, France is reaffirming its commitment to take 30,000 Syrian refugees. In the wake of their own suffering, the French haven’t turned against the most vulnerable in their moment of greatest need.

There’s no evidence refugees had anything to do with the Paris attacks, or that curbing refugees would make anyone safer. It won’t.  More than half of U.S. governors have said they’ll reject refugees. This is false and xenophobic posturing; blocking refugees is not within their authority.

The Alliance for a Just Society represents families in grassroots communities and organizations throughout the country. We stand together in rejecting racism, xenophobia, and religious intolerance – they have no place in our country. This is a time to pull together, not a time to create deeper divides.

The Alliance for A Just Society and its affiliates are calling on governors and legislators to welcome refugees and to reject a growing climate of intolerance and hate.

Our affiliate Virginia Organizing is taking this message to Rep. Bob Goodlatte because of his outspoken opposition to welcoming Syrian refugees and One America is supporting Gov. Jay Inslee for his support of refugees.

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