Coloradans Tell Congress to Listen to People Power, not Corporate Power

On February 17th, 200 Denver activists turned out on the busy corner of 17th and Lincoln in front of the Wells Fargo building to call on Congress to listen to people, not profits. Colorado Progressive Action, joined by a coalition of community-based organizations, pointed to powerful corporations like Wells Fargo as the prime roadblocks to realizing the promise of change in America.

“From health care to good jobs, to a financial sector that has drained the country’s resources, these corporations are not looking out for people, and it’s time Congress started listening to us,” – Hillary Jorgenson, Executive Director of Colorado Progressive Action.

Too Big to Fail, Too Big to ExistThe organizations involved told of the need for Congress to pass health care reform to hold big insurance companies accountable, financial reform to hold big banks accountable, and a good jobs bill to help ensure that Coloradans aren’t stuck in low wage, dead-end jobs.

Big Insurance - Sick of ItAlong with the protest, activists took a multi-phased approach to get their message across. First, they telephoned their Representatives and Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennett to tell them to get the job done on health care, financial reform and jobs. Then, as part of the national Move Your Money campaign, activists marched into Wells Fargo and closed their bank accounts as a direct action in support for people, not corporations.

Listen to press about the action here:


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