Anti-Worker’s Rights Tour Comes Up Empty

Apparently, the pro-oil, anti-worker Running on Empty Tour has hit a roadblock: the Montana Organizing Project and its allies.

The Americans for Prosperity — a Washington, D.C.-based, ultra conservative political action committee (PAC) — has launched a national tour calling for oil and gas companies to be able to operate and drill with no public oversight.

But when the tour arrived in Billings, Mont., last week, it was confronted with a counter-rally in support of worker’s rights, clean air, and clean water. The Montana Organizing Project was out in full force.

According to a KULR-TV report, “choruses of boos and jeers rang out whenever a speaker went up on stage, which was loud enough for volunteers at the rally to confront the protesters.” Attendees questioned why they brought the tour to Montana. “What are they trying to bring to Montana to tell us what we need to do?” Henry Cellmer told KULR. “What are we doing wrong with our state right now?”

Among Americans for Prosperity’s goals are reducing worker’s rights and increasing the wealth of the super rich. Major funding comes from the Koch Family Foundation and Koch Industries — the same funding source that supported Gov. Scott Walker in his attack against Wisconsin workers and made the radical Tea Party a household name.

Montana Organizing Project showed that these corporations can’t run through Montana without real Montanans coming out in protest.

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