Keep Five Million Immigrant Children Out of Poverty

From Reform Immigration For America:

It was only a few years ago that Congress changed the eligibly of a special tax credit for American families, to include undocumented parents with citizen children. This refund, known as the Additional Child Tax Credit, has granted over 2 million families a financial break on the money spent caring for their children.

Now, in attempts to slash spending, Congress is ready to change the eligibility of families for the child tax credit, and block immigrant families from continuing to take part. Legislators would balance the budget on the backs on 5 million children.  

The Additional Child Tax Credit is critical for low income families:  nearly half of the families who receive this credit earn less than $25,000 a year.  The average credit for each family is $1800, which puts $150 per month back in the pockets of people who desperately need it.  That’s food on the table, or money towards rent or healthcare–and quite possibly the difference between surviving or not.  Allowing anti-immigration zealots to change this legislation would be devastating for immigrant families.

Reform Immigration for America is asking people to remind officials why The Additional Child Tax Credit is so critical.  They’ve started a photo essay campaign which you can learn more about, and participate in, by visiting this page on their website:

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