Big Week for Alliance Bank Teams

Alliance for a Just Society bank teams in Washington, Texas, Colorado and Idaho had a busy week, making headlines with everything from birdogging presidential candidates to passing city ordinances.

Romney Action in SeattleWashington CAN and Working WA teamed up to greet a fundraiser for Mitt Romney in Bellevue yesterday. Protestors mocked the $2500 photo op fundraiser by taking pictures with a life-sized cut-out of Romney and chanting “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE “ and “HEY YOU MILLIONAIRES, PAY YOUR FAIR SHARE.” Mila Dolan, a Washington CAN leader, gave perhaps the best quote of the day to the press: “We can’t keep carrying the rich. They are too much of a burden.”

Photos from the event:

And more press:

Seattle PI:  Seattle Protesters Mock Romney Guests

KING 5: Protesters Meet Romney at Bellevue Fundraiser


Occupy Austin – The Alliance for a Just Society and the New Bottom Line have been working with bank action teams in Austin, Texas, and have moved nearly $1.5 million in personal accounts from Too Big to Fail banks to local community banks and credit unions. Last week, the Austin City Council passed a unanimous responsible banking ordinance that directs the finance department to research alternatives to the city’s current banker, Bank of America.

Read more about the ordinance here:

Austin YNN:  City council votes to explore banking alternatives for city funds

KUT News: With Occupy-Inspired Item, city may shift banking to credit unions, local banks 


Colorado Foreclosure Work: The chain of title legislation that AJS affiliate Colorado Progressive Coalition  (CPC)  introduced this year received the endorsement of a local tea party organization, and is swiftly moving through the house.  CPC is mobilizing to move large numbers of homeowners to the capitol this week for grassroots lobbying and testifying at multiple hearings for the whole foreclosure legislation package. To learn more about how to help, visit CPC’s website here:


Idaho Payday Lending Hearing – An informational hearing happened this week on the rate cap legislation introduced in the Idaho legislature this year. Idaho Community Action Network leaders packed an informational legislative hearing last week about rate cap legislation. The bill is currently being blocked, but with the big turnout in support of the legislation, ICAN was able to identify targets and move into next year’s session in a position of strength.  Tp learn more about this work, visit Alliance affiliate IdahoCAN’s website here:



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