Four Day Organizer Training Intense, Inspiring

four-day groupTwo dozen new leaders and staff members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Colorado gathered at Southside Commons, location of the Alliance for a Just Society headquarters in Seattle on May 13-16 for an intense West Coast Four Day Organizer Training.

The training was developed and coordinated by Darlene Huntress, executive director of Oregon Action.

New leaders and organizers practiced skills including campaign development, racial justice, outreach, leadership development, power, turnout, media, messaging, and time management.

Goals for participants focused on:four day picture two

• Practicing basic organizing skills

• Participating in a field exercise using outreach skills

• Building peer relationships and deeper commitment to their organizations and the movement

• Understanding that issues and campaigns are an expression of our commitment to racial and economic justice

“I’m thankful that this workshop was put on. said Joseph Wood. “I really leaned a lot. I really liked everything that was taught and it was a great opportunity.”