#BlackLivesMatter. #UnitedWeFight.

Saturday, a group of ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ activists protested at a Seattle public event to celebrate decades of Social Security and Medicare. Our affiliate organization, Washington Community Action Network! was a cosponsor of the event. The event featured U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders. Sen. Sanders was unable to speak to the crowd because of the protest. The issuesContinue reading “#BlackLivesMatter. #UnitedWeFight.”

Seattle Election Initiative Aims to Take Big Money Out of Campaigns

This article was contributed by Rosalind Brazel, communications manager for Washington Community Action Network (Washington CAN!) The Honest Elections Initiative campaign aims to take big money out of politics and give low income people a real voice in electing leaders who represent them. On Monday, June 1, more than 32,000 signatures were delivered to theContinue reading “Seattle Election Initiative Aims to Take Big Money Out of Campaigns”

Changing the Way We Help Underwater Homeowners

This opinion piece by LeeAnn Hall originally appeared in the Seattle Times. By LeeAnn Hall and Will Pittz While the recession officially ended in 2009, there are still over 9 million households across the country with homes worth less than the value of their mortgage. There are still neighborhoods in Seattle where more than 20Continue reading “Changing the Way We Help Underwater Homeowners”

“While We Celebrate a $15 Minimum Wage, Let’s Remember It’s Not Enough”

There has been a lot of buzz around the Seattle City Council’s historic adoption of a $15 minimum wage, the highest in the nation. Now there’s also excitement over last week’s passage of a living wage ordinance by the King County Council that sets the same wage floor for county employees and contractors. Yes, $15Continue reading ““While We Celebrate a $15 Minimum Wage, Let’s Remember It’s Not Enough””

Bank of America Settlement Could Fund Principal Reduction Programs

It has taken six years and dozens of lawsuits and settlements after the largest housing collapse since the Great Depression – and finally we may have a way to set up and implement local principal reduction programs in cities across the country. September has brought us what is expected to be the last of theContinue reading “Bank of America Settlement Could Fund Principal Reduction Programs”

Welcome to the Alliance’s “Power from the Roots Up” Conference

** Letter from the Executive Director ** Welcome to the Alliance’s annual conference, “Power from the Roots Up”! In this moment, we are witnessing intense gridlock in D.C. The once-promising dream of comprehensive immigration reform has turned into a political nightmare. Congress refuses to allow former students to refinance one of the great scourges ofContinue reading “Welcome to the Alliance’s “Power from the Roots Up” Conference”

Four Day Organizer Training Intense, Inspiring

Two dozen new leaders and staff members from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Colorado gathered at Southside Commons, location of the Alliance for a Just Society headquarters in Seattle on May 13-16 for an intense West Coast Four Day Organizer Training. The training was developed and coordinated by Darlene Huntress, executive director of Oregon Action.

Seattle’s $15 Wage Plan to Boost Families and Businesses

The day after Republicans in the U.S. Senate blocked a modest minimum wage increase to $10.10, Seattle small business owners with the Main Street Alliance proclaimed their support for a city level $15 minimum wage. “It is smart and responsible to raise the minimum wage, boost our local economy, and support small business success atContinue reading “Seattle’s $15 Wage Plan to Boost Families and Businesses”

After Obamacare Enrollment, Three Critical Steps

This article by LeeAnn Hall, first appeared in Colorlines.com More than 7.1 million people have obtained health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, despite the early confusion and glitches with the computer system. In addition, 6.3 million are approved for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and an estimated 3 million more young peopleContinue reading “After Obamacare Enrollment, Three Critical Steps”

Progressive Cities Can Offer a Helping Hand to Families Facing Foreclosure

Foreclosures and high numbers of underwater homes aren’t making headlines around the country the way they were a couple of years ago, but that doesn’t mean the housing market is back on solid footing – or that people are no longer suffering. Thousands of families in Seattle are still dealing with the traumatic repercussions ofContinue reading “Progressive Cities Can Offer a Helping Hand to Families Facing Foreclosure”