Not Making the Grade: Nonprofit Hospitals Fail in Their Charity Care Mission

Many non-profit hospitals providing charity care around the Northwest are no longer maintaining their charitable missions. Non-profit hospitals should be held accountable to their primary obligations to serve the community.

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A Debt Unpaid: Nonprofit Hospitals Fail in Their Community Benefits Mission

The conversion of hospitals from non-profits to for-profits has turned community assets into private wealth and altered the level of service given to the communities they serve. This report discusses why the tradition of non-profit hospitals should continue.

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Public Health or Private Wealth? Who’s Cashing in on St. Luke’s Riches?

Saint Luke’s, Idaho’s wealthiest non-profit hospital has millions in the bank and pays its top executives millions of dollars a year while turning low-income patients over to collection agencies or forcing liens upon their property. Change in hospital policies must occur.

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Searching For Work That Pays: 1999 Job Gap Study

The 1999 Job Gap Study calculates a basic family budget for different family structures. Based on this “living wage,” the study then estimates the number and proportion of job openings that provide a sufficient wage to support and individual or a family’s basic needs without relying on public assistance.