Is The Pentagon Paying Its Fair Share?

It’s not news that these are tough economic times for America. Critical social programs have had budgets slashed or programs cut altogether, and there seems to be little that anyone can do about it.  At a time when the most needy of our society are being told to tighten their belts, the Pentagon has launched an ad campaign that essentially says they shouldn’t have to make budget sacrifices like the rest of us. That they should be able to preserve their profit margins–that they’ve already paid their fair share of deficit reductions and that they shouldn’t be asked to pay anymore.

Fair share?

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL)—a Quaker lobby made up of tens of thousands of people who lobby Congress for peace and justice—has started their own campaign in response to the Pentagon.  Here’s an excerpt from a membership email sent out yesterday:

 But what’s fair? Is it fair to ask people who depend on food stamps to feed their children to get by with less, so the Pentagon budget can keep growing?

Is it fair to cut funding from programs that help veterans find housing and jobs when they return from war, so the Pentagon can continue to waste or lose track of billions of dollars, as several reports have documented?

Is it fair to let our nation’s bridges and other infrastructure continue to crumble, while our government continues to pay tens of billions of dollars to Pentagon contractors for advanced weapons systems that even the military doesn’t think it needs?

We think those are compelling questions and that the resounding answer is no, it’s not fair at all.  FCNL is asking their supporters to write their senators and let them know that the Pentagon needs to pay its fair share. We agree.

Here’s more from FCNL:

The reductions these contractors are protesting – $1 trillion over the next 10 years – would only bring Pentagon spending back to what it was in 2007, at the height of the Iraq War. And if Pentagon spending isn’t cut by at least this much, Congress is likely to shift the cuts to “non-defense” spending – which has already seen huge budgets cuts.

Every day, contractors and their lobbyists are on the Hill and in congressional offices across the country, talking about how important Pentagon spending is to that member’s state and district. We’ve heard from members of Congress that they are hearing the voice of contractors loud and clear – but they aren’t hearing as much from people like you, and they need to hear those voices too.

To learn more about asking your senator to make sure that the Pentagon pays its fair share, visit the Friends Committee on National Legislation’s website:

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