2013 Job Gap Coverage

Please check back periodically for recent coverage on our 15th annual Job Gap Report, “America’s Changing Economy: Searching for Work that Pays in the New Low-Wage Economy.”

Living wage job gap calls for charting a new course for U.S. economy
December 11, 2013, The Hill

Why A ‘Living’ Wage Doesn’t Add Up
December 9, 2013, NPR, Tell Me More

Telling Fast Food Workers To ‘Get A Better Job’ Is Nonsense, In 1 Chart
December 11, 2013, Huffington Post

Why it’s not so easy to move from a minimum-wage job
December 11, 2013, CBS News


Report: CT Shortage Of Living Wage Jobs Severe
December 03, 2013|DAN HAAR, The Hartford Courant
Job gap between wages and making ends meet
December 04, 2013|KENT PIERCE, News 8 KTNH


Florida “Poised To Become A State Of Mostly Low-Wage And/Or Low-Skilled Jobs”
December 03, 2013|BEACH PEANUTS
New study finds Florida seriously lacking in jobs that pay a living wage
December 03, 2013|MITCH PERRY, Creative Loafing
Advocates call for local minimum wage hikes
December 03, 2013|JOE RUBLE, News 96.5
New study shows just how bad the living wage conundrum is in Florida
December 03, 2013|BILLYMANES, Orlando Weekly
Organize Now says Florida lacks living wage jobs
December 03, 2013|JIM STRATTON, Orlando Sentinel


Petition drive aims to boost wages in Idaho
December 04, 2013|KRISTIN RODINE, Idaho Statesman


Study: Montana lacking in jobs that pay a living wage
December 03, 2013|BRIN MERKLEY, KPAX
Annual job gap report outline living wage disparity
December 03, 2013|DUSTIN KLEMANN, KTVQ
Job Gap Study Revealed
December 03, 2013|MACLEOD HAGEMAN, KULR 8
Can Montana Afford to provide “living wages” to low-wage workers?
December 03, 2013|EDWARD O’BRIEN, KUFM


Nevada liberal groups want minimum wage boosted to $15 an hour
December 03, 2013|ED VOGEL, Las Vegas Review-Journal


Jobless rate dips to 7%; 200,000 get work
December 7, 2013, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Living Wage Job Gap
December 04, 2013|BEVERLY AMSLER, WVTF


Is $16 the New $15 Minimum Wage?
December 3, 2013, Crosscu

Seattle on front line of push for raising minimum wage
December 7, 2013, Seattle Times

New study pegs Washington living wage at $16.04 to $30.46 an hour
December 03, 2013|GOLDY, The SLOG, The Stranger.com

Don’t minimize the jobs that pay minimum wage | Jerry Large
December 4, 2013, Seattle Times