Colorado Progressive Coalition Teams with Members of Congress To Educate Public On New Health Care Law

September 23rd will mark the six-month anniversary of the passage of Health Care Reform. As the anniversary approaches, members and leaders of the Colorado Progressive Coalition (CPC) have been partnering with members of Congress for a series of forums across the state that highlight what the new health care law will mean for Coloradans.

In Grand Junction, CPC leader Dawn Haney joined Congressman John Salazar’s office for a presentation on the benefits of the new law. Last August, Grand Junction was the site of the health care reform rally where Senator Michael Bennett joined a group of CPC leaders to show his strong support for health care reform for the first time.

Additionally, CPC staff joined Congresswoman Betsy Markey’s staff in Greeley for a presentation to community members that focused on the benefits health care reform holds for small business, seniors, and the uninsured. At a similar community meeting in Pueblo, CPC staff was joined by Representative Salazar himself.

In 2010, an estimated 3.6 million small business (( will feel the benefits of the new law in new tax credits. Rate review and the elimination of pre-existing conditions will make health coverage more affordable for millions of people currently uninsured or under-insured. Seniors already have seen their health care get more affordable, with Medicare “Donut Hole” rebate checks on their way! (For a more in-depth list of benefits, visit )

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there ((, so people have a lot of questions about the new health care law. The feedback we’ve received from our audiences have been largely positive, and folks have left with a clearer understanding of why the implantation process is so important,” said Hillary Jorgenson from Colorado Progressive Coalition.

Opponents of the law and, not surprisingly, the health insurance industry, are determined to maintain as much of the status quo as possible, and delay or block implementation. The Colorado forums come at a key moment in the implementation of the new health care law.

Says Jorgensen, “Colorado Progressive Coalition will continue to reach out to community members to make sure they’re aware of how the implementation of the new law will affect them.”

To learn more about Colorado Progressive Coalition’s work on health care and other issues, visit:

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