Bad Medicine Report Details Influence of Pharma in DC Budget Failure

Released to the Press September 25, 2013   New Report Analyzes Interest Group Influence in Blocking Proposed Cost Saving Measures in Medicare Report Finds Influence of Pharmaceutical Industry as Major Impasse to Common Sense Budget Fixes Congress has failed to act on a commonsense, good-government approach to controlling health care costs. The significant resources theContinue reading “Bad Medicine Report Details Influence of Pharma in DC Budget Failure”

Work, Productivity, Play and Compensation in America

Americans work longer and harder than our peers in almost every industrial nation. On average Americans are working 1800 hours per year, beating out Germany, France, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia and Finland. According to The International Labour Organization American released a report stating that “workers in the United States on average produceContinue reading “Work, Productivity, Play and Compensation in America”

Big Pharma gets slapped by SCOTUS– What does it mean for the American taxpayer?

The Supreme Court in the Spotlight Again!? Really? Actually, this one kicked off last week’s “Week in SCOTUS”, coinciding with their 5th Circuit kick down on  Affirmative Action in Texas, and predates both the DOMA and Voting Rights decisions.

Austerity versus Dignity for Senior Citizens: A Case for Strengthening Medicare

It seems we keep referencing Bill Daley’s recent post Has The Budget Crisis Du Jour Got You Down?. Maybe that’s because it gives you have a pretty good sense of the impending debt lid crisis that is due to hit in July, and that we need to be ready to push back against efforts toContinue reading “Austerity versus Dignity for Senior Citizens: A Case for Strengthening Medicare”

With the New Year comes a new Fiscal Showdown

On the first day of the 2013, Congress passed a legislative compromise to address the so-called ‘fiscal cliff,’ while setting the stage for Round 2 of an ongoing Fiscal Showdown.

What We Can’t Afford to Give Up in the Budget Fight

  A report released by AFL-CIO lays out the state-by-state impact of cutting Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

Debt Deal Puts a Bull’s Eye on Medicaid

As I write, the U.S. Senate has just passed the debt deal that was negotiated with the President over the weekend. It got 269 votes in the House yesterday and 74 votes in the Senate today. It was opposed by both the most progressive and most conservative members. The immediate effect is a cap onContinue reading “Debt Deal Puts a Bull’s Eye on Medicaid”

On the State of the Union: Where Are We Going? A National Mystery

After watching the President’s State of the Union Address, I must confess that I am puzzled. I have no idea where our country is going.

Colorado Progressive Coalition Teams with Members of Congress To Educate Public On New Health Care Law

September 23rd will mark the six-month anniversary of the passage of Health Care Reform. As the anniversary approaches, members and leaders of the Colorado Progressive Coalition (CPC) have been partnering with members of Congress for a series of forums across the state that highlight what the new health care law will mean for Coloradans.