CellBlocks and Border Stops

The Institute for Pragmatic Practice, Union Theological Seminary and the Alliance for a Just Society are hosting our fifth symposium, Cell Blocks & Border Stops. Hundreds of organizers, academics, policy leaders, journalists, theologians and grassroots activists will convene and examine the intersection of immigration control and mass incarceration, and to consider the future of activismContinue reading “CellBlocks and Border Stops”

Women with Cancer: Prisoners’ rights versus the Profit of Corporations

Rahul Gupta and Danisha Christian Contributed to this Series Sherrie Chapman found a lump in her breast. A prisoner in a California Corrections facility, Sherrie persisted in demanding an examination by prison medical personnel. Her pleas were not answered until 9 years later, when lumps were visibly protruding from her breast.  Even after receiving aContinue reading “Women with Cancer: Prisoners’ rights versus the Profit of Corporations”

The Great Big PhRMA Medicare Heist

Part 1: Rigging the System is Profitable   While millions of Americans struggle to pay for their prescription medication, big pharmaceutical companies reap $600 billion in annual profits.  $116 million is spent on direct lobbying, and with a 77,500% return, the investment certainly pays off.  Profits have been bolstered by pharmaceutical companies’ myriad of policyContinue reading “The Great Big PhRMA Medicare Heist”

Food Stamps and Farmers: The House of Representatives Got it So Wrong

After failing to pass a Farm Bill that included farm subsidies and food assistance (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps) in June, the House of Representatives narrowly passed a skeleton of a Farm Bill on July 11—without the food stamps. The House effectively left 46 million Americans wondering how to feed themselves and theirContinue reading “Food Stamps and Farmers: The House of Representatives Got it So Wrong”

Oregon Affiliates Help Lead 2013 Legislative Victories

The Grassroots Meets the Inside/Out, and One-on-One Strategies   For advocates of health equity and immigrant rights in Oregon, the 2013 legislative session has been particularly sweet,

Austerity versus Dignity for Senior Citizens: A Case for Strengthening Medicare

It seems we keep referencing Bill Daley’s recent post Has The Budget Crisis Du Jour Got You Down?. Maybe that’s because it gives you have a pretty good sense of the impending debt lid crisis that is due to hit in July, and that we need to be ready to push back against efforts toContinue reading “Austerity versus Dignity for Senior Citizens: A Case for Strengthening Medicare”

2012 Job Gap Report

“Broken Bootstraps: Falling Behind on Full-Time Work,” is the 14th annual installment of a joint study by Alliance for a Just Society and its affiliates in 7 states.   Unemployment rates in all states are still high. A modest $9.00/hr. minimum wage has been mentioned at the federal level. Even that income would leave mostContinue reading “2012 Job Gap Report”

Oregon Health Equity Alliance launches 2013 legislative campaign

Alliance affiliates Oregon Action and Center for Intercultural Organizing are key organizations in the newly formed Oregon Health Equity Alliance (OHEA), which officially launched their 2013 legislative campaign at a celebration in Portland on November 29th.

The Value(s) of Medicaid: 47 Years Later

July 30th marked the 47th anniversary of Medicaid and Medicare. It’s hard to imagine that 47 years ago, these critical programs that we have grown to love and rely on, were controversial sticking points that were hotly contested for years prior to being passed through the legislature- similar to the Affordable Care Act; passed onlyContinue reading “The Value(s) of Medicaid: 47 Years Later”

Will the Affordable Care Act Help Eliminate Disparities?

Many provisions of the Affordable Care Act are designed to overcome health outcome disparities caused by social factors associated with race, ethnicity, language, and culture. Will they work?