Healthy School Lunches Lay the Foundation for Better Learning

What’s on your child’s school lunch tray today? Parents nationwide believe it’s important for schools to serve nutritious food and healthy meals to students. A new national survey by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation  shows that people in the United States overwhelmingly support current efforts to keep school meals healthy. The survey results come just asContinue reading “Healthy School Lunches Lay the Foundation for Better Learning”

Native Americans Train to Defend Mother Earth

On August 23rd, Alliance affiliate, Indian People’s Action of Montana opened camp for a 3 day Direct Action training camp. Indian People’s Action brought Moccasins On The Ground to Montana. Drawing Native Americans from across the country to defend Mother Earth they trained activists in nonviolent direct action to stop the Keystone Pipeline that the Canadian developer,Continue reading “Native Americans Train to Defend Mother Earth”

Food Stamps and Farmers: The House of Representatives Got it So Wrong

After failing to pass a Farm Bill that included farm subsidies and food assistance (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps) in June, the House of Representatives narrowly passed a skeleton of a Farm Bill on July 11—without the food stamps. The House effectively left 46 million Americans wondering how to feed themselves and theirContinue reading “Food Stamps and Farmers: The House of Representatives Got it So Wrong”

Conservatives Continue Their Budget Myths While Threatening to Make Childhood Hunger a SNAP

Who crashed the economy? If one turns the pages of Paul Ryan’s spine-chilling budget one sees who conservatives like himself believe to be the biggest threats to the US Economy: Hungry children and pregnant mothers.

Native Organizers: Trained in Seattle for a Week and Built Nationwide Solidarity for the Future

Last week, a group of 22 Natives from all over the country came together with a willingness to learn from each other, stand in solidarity with one another, and challenge the systems of inequity that threatens the health and welfare of our elders and youth. In mid-February, Alliance for a Just Society began to recruitContinue reading “Native Organizers: Trained in Seattle for a Week and Built Nationwide Solidarity for the Future”

Survival Denied: Stories from Alaska Native Families Living in a Broken System

“The indigenous hunting and fishing practices of ALL Alaska Natives, including the harvesting and sharing of fish, game, and other resources and the ceremonies which accompany these practices provide for the SOCIAL, CULTURAL, SPIRITUAL, & ECONOMIC WELL-BEING & SURVIVAL of the Alaska Native community

Alaska Natives Rally for Traditional Hunting & Fishing Rights

After days of rain and snow in Anchorage,Alaska, the skies cleared and it warmed to chilly 34 degrees just in time for 400 Natives to rally in a park to call for an end to increasing regulations, enforcement and criminalization of their traditional way of life. A unique scene in Alaska: 400 Natives taking toContinue reading “Alaska Natives Rally for Traditional Hunting & Fishing Rights”

When Feeding Your Family Is Illegal

For Native people of the Yukon Flats, feeding your family requires the ability to hunt and fish for their foods. After spending a week in the Flats, assisting the Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments (CATG) on a campaign to secure traditional food and hunting and fishing practices; I would argue that it is the onlyContinue reading “When Feeding Your Family Is Illegal”

Food Choices: Families or Corporations

  Will Congress choose need or greed? Cutting the federal deficit means making some tough choices. The new report, Food Choices: Families or Corporations and online petition asks Congressional super committee members to look at bloated federal subsidies for giant corporations before they cut food assistance struggling families depend on. Released in partnership with theContinue reading “Food Choices: Families or Corporations”

The Distasteful Politics of Food

How, what, and where we eat everyday is strongly influenced by the federal government, in partnership with major food corporations, through a piece of legislation called the Farm Bill. Many of the social determinates of health that impact our communities find their roots in the Farm Bill a massive piece of legislation up for renewalContinue reading “The Distasteful Politics of Food”