Beyond Cellblocks Webinar: Ending Police-ICE Collaboration

This year, Alliance for a Just Society is hosting a series of webinars discussing techniques used in different parts of the country to combat racism and criminalization.  Our most recent webinar focused on tactics for ending police collaboration with Immigration officials.   This Friday, at 11 a.m., join us for a webinar on Native American storytelling.Continue reading “Beyond Cellblocks Webinar: Ending Police-ICE Collaboration”

“We Say They Can Stay,” Native American Leaders Protest Immigrant Detension

By Simmi Bagri Alliance for a Just Society The annual Alliance for A Just Society’s Advanced Native Organizers Training, was sponsored by the Praxis Project and hosted at the  Alliance’s office in Seattle this month, drew leaders from tribes and organizations from around the country. They came from as far as Virginia, Alaska, South Dakota,Continue reading ““We Say They Can Stay,” Native American Leaders Protest Immigrant Detension”

Beyond Cellblocks: Reducing Criminalization, Promoting Health Care Access & Racial Justice

This is the first in a series of webinars on ending criminalization of everyday life that will be offered by the Alliance for a Just Society. The Alliance is a national research, policy and organizing network focused on social justice, including ending racial disparity and promoting health equity. Like many other cities, Seattle has longContinue reading “Beyond Cellblocks: Reducing Criminalization, Promoting Health Care Access & Racial Justice”

2014 Advanced Native Organizers Training

The Alliance for a Just Society’s Native Organizing Alliance is pleased to announce our annual Native Organizers Training this spring! Sponsored by the Communities Creating Healthy Environments Initiative, this is a four day intensive workshop on community organizing that covers building and leveraging people-power, campaign planning, community led policy change; and how to use ourContinue reading “2014 Advanced Native Organizers Training”

The Struggle is Real – Changing the Conversation in Montana

When the Montana Department of Corrections issued its 2013 Biennial Report , the department’s own numbers finally substantiated exactly what the community has known all along: Montana is disproportionately locking away Natives. One out of every five men in prison in Montana is Native American – far above the rate that Natives are represented inContinue reading “The Struggle is Real – Changing the Conversation in Montana”

Native Americans Train to Defend Mother Earth

On August 23rd, Alliance affiliate, Indian People’s Action of Montana opened camp for a 3 day Direct Action training camp. Indian People’s Action brought Moccasins On The Ground to Montana. Drawing Native Americans from across the country to defend Mother Earth they trained activists in nonviolent direct action to stop the Keystone Pipeline that the Canadian developer,Continue reading “Native Americans Train to Defend Mother Earth”

Cellblocks and Border Stops: Transformative Activism in an Age of Dehumanization.

Confirmed speakers include: Cornel West, john powell, Pramila Jayapal Transformative Activism in an Age of Dehumanization Join us as we bring together hundreds of organizers, academics, policy leaders, journalists, and grassroots activists to examine the intersection of immigration control and mass incarceration, and to consider the future of activism and organizing in these areas. OrganizedContinue reading “Cellblocks and Border Stops: Transformative Activism in an Age of Dehumanization.”

When Feeding Your Family Is Illegal

For Native people of the Yukon Flats, feeding your family requires the ability to hunt and fish for their foods. After spending a week in the Flats, assisting the Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments (CATG) on a campaign to secure traditional food and hunting and fishing practices; I would argue that it is the onlyContinue reading “When Feeding Your Family Is Illegal”

Health Care 2011: Year in Review

The election in November of 2010 shifted the political ground both in D.C. and in many state legislatures. These political changes brought efforts to repeal the ACA and to reduce the national commitment both to Medicaid and to critical programs funded as a part of reform. The efforts by the political right to reset theContinue reading “Health Care 2011: Year in Review”

The Distasteful Politics of Food

How, what, and where we eat everyday is strongly influenced by the federal government, in partnership with major food corporations, through a piece of legislation called the Farm Bill. Many of the social determinates of health that impact our communities find their roots in the Farm Bill a massive piece of legislation up for renewalContinue reading “The Distasteful Politics of Food”