Oregon Affiliates Help Lead 2013 Legislative Victories

The Grassroots Meets the Inside/Out, and One-on-One Strategies   For advocates of health equity and immigrant rights in Oregon, the 2013 legislative session has been particularly sweet,

Oregon Health Equity Alliance launches 2013 legislative campaign

Alliance affiliates Oregon Action and Center for Intercultural Organizing are key organizations in the newly formed Oregon Health Equity Alliance (OHEA), which officially launched their 2013 legislative campaign at a celebration in Portland on November 29th.

AJS affiliates respond to ACA ruling

Alliance for a Just Society affiliates organized actions in response to the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, helping to frame the debate moving forward. Here are a few highlights of the coverage from Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Main Street Alliance:

Medicaid Makes a Difference Report

Congress is locked in a budget battle that’s grabbed round-the-clock media attention. Lost in the coverage are the real stakes in the debate, including the lives of the more than 50 million people covered by Medicaid, which is now in the budget-cutting cross-hairs. More than half of these 50 million are people of color. RacialContinue reading “Medicaid Makes a Difference Report”

Oregon Action Hosts Community Forum on Oregon State Bank Proposals

On Tuesday, January 25th, in Medford, Oregon, tucked into the hills of the Southern Cascade mountains, 28 people came together to discuss a radical concept: a bank that works to pool the resources of the community rather than to extract it and send it to Wall Street investors. Their interest was piqued by the twoContinue reading “Oregon Action Hosts Community Forum on Oregon State Bank Proposals”

Oregon Small Business Owners Show Support for State Bank

This post was written by Dan Lombardi, small business organizer for the Main Street Alliance of Oregon. On Wednesday, January 12, the Main Street Alliance of Oregon held a press conference in the state capitol of Salem to announce the release of a report: Direct from Main Street: Oregon Small Business Views on Credit andContinue reading “Oregon Small Business Owners Show Support for State Bank”

NWFCO Affiliates Work for Fair Tax Reform

For nearly ten years, the wealthiest Americans have been getting a free ride in the form of tax cuts, tax breaks, and loopholes. This fall, Congress is expected to take up discussions around the Bush Tax Cuts and NWFCO affiliates in Montana, Oregon, and Washington are working with the Americans for Responsible Taxes to ensureContinue reading “NWFCO Affiliates Work for Fair Tax Reform”

NWFCO Launches The Justice Leadership Academy

Twenty-seven leaders from grassroots organizations in six states came together in Seattle during three very hot days in early July to launch NWFCO’s newest training program, the Justice Leadership Academy (JLA).