2013 Job Gap Report Released Nationwide

Fast food workers are taking to the picket line throughout the country. SEIU and other unions are helping these efforts, but many strikes are happening in places without any union presence. Low-wage work is simply not enough for families and individuals to thrive, to plan for their future, and most times, simply not enough toContinue reading “2013 Job Gap Report Released Nationwide”

Have you heard about austerity lately?

Have you heard about austerity lately? It’s a fancy word to talk about gutting important public investments in our health care, education, economic well-being, and communities overall. To learn more about why austerity is such a bad idea, economically and morally, watch this video:

Hispanics are the Hardest Hit of the Economic Recession

A recent study released by the Pew Research Center brought to light the fact that Hispanics have been the hardest hit during this economic recession. According to this study, the decline in the housing market in 2006 and the economic recession from 2007 to 2009 were enormously felt in communities of color. For instance, theContinue reading “Hispanics are the Hardest Hit of the Economic Recession”

Let’s Not Get Fracked!

If you listen regularly to public radio’s “This American Life” (TAL), you probably weren’t surprised by their recent, in-depth examination of fracking in Pennsylvania, where natural gas companies are now ripping through the Marcellus Shale. The radio program has made a real niche in dissecting the way power works across our country, and fracking –Continue reading “Let’s Not Get Fracked!”

Facing Race: 2010 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity (Washington)

This report card assesses the racial impacts of decisions made in the 2010 Washington legislative session, looking at a range of policy areas, from economic justice to health to civil rights and more. A collaborative effort of many racial justice organizations, the report collectively and individually grades Washington’s legislators on their votes that either promotedContinue reading “Facing Race: 2010 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity (Washington)”

Main Street Alliance Leaders Plant Flag for Small Business Values in Washington, D.C.

In late July, small business owners from all across the country – from Maine to Montana, Louisiana to North Dakota – left their homes and their businesses on a mission: to carry a message about small business values direct from their Main Streets back home all the way to Washington, D.C. It was the “America’sContinue reading “Main Street Alliance Leaders Plant Flag for Small Business Values in Washington, D.C.”

NWFCO Launches The Justice Leadership Academy

Twenty-seven leaders from grassroots organizations in six states came together in Seattle during three very hot days in early July to launch NWFCO’s newest training program, the Justice Leadership Academy (JLA).

Congress Passes Financial Reform Bill!

On Thursday, July 15, Congress passed the strongest financial reform bill since the Great Depression, tightening restrictions on banks and Wall Street, cracking down on lending practices, and expanding consumer protections in order to prevent a repeat of the 2008 meltdown, the consequences from which we are still reeling. President Obama will sign the billContinue reading “Congress Passes Financial Reform Bill!”

Colorado Progressive Coalition Hails Payday Lending Reform Passage

On May 5th, 2010, the Colorado state legislature passed a payday lending reform bill that is a huge victory against predatory lending, and will benefit an estimated 200,000 low-income Coloradans annually.

“This is a Movement, not a Moment” — Scenes from the Montana Organizing Project Founding Convention

This post was written by Amanda Harrow, Montana Small Business Program Director An energized diverse group of people came together this past weekend in Butte, Montana, to found the Montana Organizing Project. Seventy people from labor unions, faith communities, non-profit service organizations, and other interested communities around the state joined in committing to work forContinue reading ““This is a Movement, not a Moment” — Scenes from the Montana Organizing Project Founding Convention”