NWFCO Affiliates Work for Fair Tax Reform

For nearly ten years, the wealthiest Americans have been getting a free ride in the form of tax cuts, tax breaks, and loopholes. This fall, Congress is expected to take up discussions around the Bush Tax Cuts and NWFCO affiliates in Montana, Oregon, and Washington are working with the Americans for Responsible Taxes to ensure that the current tax cuts for top 2% of Americans (individuals earning over $250,000 a year) expire, and that tax cuts for the middle class are made permanent.

Last month, The Montana Organizing Project, Oregon Action, and Washington CAN! took part in a national week of action for fair tax reform. The Montana Organizing Project delivered 150 signatures to Senator Max Baucus in support of the top 2% paying their fair share of taxes and did a banner drop at Wells Fargo to demand that banks not not use their enormous profits to lobby for more tax breaks. Oregon Action presented three trainings to community groups on fair taxes and sent out e-alerts to nearly 1000 people asking them to contact their Congressional representatives. Washington Community Action Network generated over 200 calls and sent over 350 postcards to Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, showing that their constituents fully support the expiration of the tax cuts for the top income earners.

By allowing the tax cuts for the richest to expire, $890 billion in badly needed revenue can be generated to help fund public programs and infrastructure that are in dire straights and desperate for government support and intervention. Throughout the fall, organizers and community leaders will continue to build a coalition of state partners, gather individual sign-ons, and meet with Senate and Congressional Representative to lay out their political demands. They will continue to educate the public and call on Congress to address the deficit by creating a fair tax system—not one in which the wealthiest receive breaks while the tax burden falls on the poor and middle class.

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