Where’s the Note: Is Your Mortgage Affected?

Recent reports show the bankers in charge of approving the foreclosure paperwork weren’t even reading what they were signing. Wall Street has bought and sold our mortgages so many times, they’ve lost track of who owns what. And now they’re getting caught red-handed. In one state, two banks tried to foreclose on the same home. In another state, Bank of America tried to take a house away from a man who’d never even had a mortgage.

Now, one by one, foreclosures by America’s biggest banks are grinding to a halt. It’s gotten so bad, several states are taking the banks to court, calling for an immediate freeze on all foreclosures.

The banks created this mess, so it’s on them to clean it up. You have a right to know if your mortgage is affected. If you’re a homeowner, will you send a letter to your bank and demand to see your original mortgage note? You can do it online in less than five minutes at www.wheresthenote.com.

The more we learn, the worse it gets.

Demand to see YOUR mortgage note: www.wheresthenote.com.

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