Alliance for a Just Society leaders shut down the Wells Fargo Shareholders Meeting

  The next step in our campaign to take on the big banks pay and win relief for homeowners is to disrupt business as usual at shareholder meetings across the country. The goal of these actions is to build off the fall mobilizations and the Occupations to keep up the street heat holding the 1%Continue reading “Alliance for a Just Society leaders shut down the Wells Fargo Shareholders Meeting”

Big Week for Alliance Bank Teams

Alliance for a Just Society bank teams in Washington, Texas, Colorado and Idaho had a busy week, making headlines with everything from birdogging presidential candidates to passing city ordinances. Romney Action in Seattle – Washington CAN and Working WA teamed up to greet a fundraiser for Mitt Romney in Bellevue yesterday. Protestors mocked the $2500Continue reading “Big Week for Alliance Bank Teams”

Taking Our Money Back

On Saturday November 5th, the Alliance and its affiliates joined hundreds of thousands of activists from across the country for “Bank Transfer Day, a “deadline” of sorts calling for people to shift their funds from for-profit banking institutions to not-for-profit credit unions.

Mile High Showdown with Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo was put on notice last week as Colorado Progressive Coalition (CPC), the Alliance for a Just Society, and community members took their grievances with the Wall Street bank to the streets of Denver. The week started out with a delegation of homeowners, union members, immigrants, and students delivering their set of demands to Western RegionalContinue reading “Mile High Showdown with Wells Fargo”

Justice for Washington Homeowner

Dixie Mitchell is a 71-year-old cancer survivor. She and her husband have cared for over fifty foster children over the years in their Seattle home which, until this weekend, was scheduled to be auctioned off on October 28th. After a campaign by The New Bottom Line and Washington CAN!, Dixie now gets to keep herContinue reading “Justice for Washington Homeowner”

Showdown Against Big Bank Greed in Washington

Kicking off a month of New Bottom Line actions sweeping across the country, yesterday Washington CAN and the Alliance for a Just Society helped spearhead statewide protests against Wall Street banks’ raiding of our economy and our political system. The Association of Washington Business – the state’s corporate lobby – was holding a policy summitContinue reading “Showdown Against Big Bank Greed in Washington”

Underwater Mortgages and 1 Million Jobs

Today, The New Bottom Line, a coalition co-lead by the Alliance for a Just Society,  released a report detailing a solution to the foreclosure crisis. “The Win-Win Solution: How Fixing The Housing Crisis Will Create 1 Million Jobs” details how we can fix the housing crisis and revitalize our communities and economy if the banks wereContinue reading “Underwater Mortgages and 1 Million Jobs”

Homeowners Present New Bottom Line to Attorneys General

Forty homeowners and clergy members traveled across the country on Tuesday to Chicago’s Drake Hotel to welcome and urge the nation’s states’ Attorneys General to stand firm for a strong settlement agreement with the big banks. While the Attorneys General gathered for their NAAG summer meeting, members of the New Bottom Line brought along “welcomeContinue reading “Homeowners Present New Bottom Line to Attorneys General”

Seattle Residents Take Their Demands to Chase Bank

On a beautiful sunny Seattle Saturday, 400 south Seattle residents took to the streets to demand that JPMorgan Chase Bank reinvest money in the communities they have destroyed. The community members — parents, students, workers, homeowners — demanded that Chase reinvest money in the form of principle write down for every Washington homeowner. They alsoContinue reading “Seattle Residents Take Their Demands to Chase Bank”

Thousands of New Yorkers Take Over Wall Street

On Thursday, May 12, 20,000 community members from New York City and beyond descended on Wall Street. Mayor Michael Bloomberg had just released his budget which cuts 6,000 teaching jobs and slashes vital social services the city relies on while keeping in tact tax breaks for his billionaire friends and the corporations that house them.Continue reading “Thousands of New Yorkers Take Over Wall Street”