Taking Our Money Back

On Saturday November 5th, the Alliance and its affiliates joined hundreds of thousands of activists from across the country for “Bank Transfer Day, a “deadline” of sorts calling for people to shift their funds from for-profit banking institutions to not-for-profit credit unions.

Mile High Showdown with Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo was put on notice last week as Colorado Progressive Coalition (CPC), the Alliance for a Just Society, and community members took their grievances with the Wall Street bank to the streets of Denver. The week started out with a delegation of homeowners, union members, immigrants, and students delivering their set of demands to Western RegionalContinue reading “Mile High Showdown with Wells Fargo”

Justice for Washington Homeowner

Dixie Mitchell is a 71-year-old cancer survivor. She and her husband have cared for over fifty foster children over the years in their Seattle home which, until this weekend, was scheduled to be auctioned off on October 28th. After a campaign by The New Bottom Line and Washington CAN!, Dixie now gets to keep herContinue reading “Justice for Washington Homeowner”

Rude Awakening for Seattle Tax Dodger & Wells Fargo Board Member

On a typically rainy Seattle morning, Tuesday, May 2, commuters stuck in rush hour traffic were treated to a  perfect view of a banner declaring peoples’ demands to big banks – PAY YOUR TAXES! The banner, hoisted up by 8-foot weather balloons and anchored by local students’ sailboat, reading “Wells Fargo-Pay Your Taxes”  flew aboveContinue reading “Rude Awakening for Seattle Tax Dodger & Wells Fargo Board Member”

Building a National Movement Against The Big Banks: Organizing Underwater Homeowners

In September, NWFCO joined more than 230 people from around the country for the “Banking for a New Economy” Summit in Chicago, Illinois. We came together to build a national movement for bank accountability – reminding ourselves that the banks created the greatest economic crisis since the Depression, and now we have to make themContinue reading “Building a National Movement Against The Big Banks: Organizing Underwater Homeowners”