Taking Our Money Back

On Saturday November 5th, the Alliance and its affiliates joined hundreds of thousands of activists from across the country for “Bank Transfer Day, a “deadline” of sorts calling for people to shift their funds from for-profit banking institutions to not-for-profit credit unions.

Bank of America to Charge Fee to Use… Your Money

Beginning January One, Bank of America will be charging customers $5 a month to use their debit cards. Back in 2009, small businesses banded together to fight back against ever escalating fees levied by the banks. This was a monumental win for small businesses- these fees amounted to a $16Billion a year transfer of wealthContinue reading “Bank of America to Charge Fee to Use… Your Money”

Thousands of New Yorkers Take Over Wall Street

On Thursday, May 12, 20,000 community members from New York City and beyond descended on Wall Street. Mayor Michael Bloomberg had just released his budget which cuts 6,000 teaching jobs and slashes vital social services the city relies on while keeping in tact tax breaks for his billionaire friends and the corporations that house them.Continue reading “Thousands of New Yorkers Take Over Wall Street”

On Tax Day, Time to Tell Corporations that the Game of Tax Dodgeball is Over

This year Uncle Sam pushed Tax Day back to April 18, giving us all a three-day tax filing holiday. It’s almost enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Until, that is, you hear about GE, which apparently is on extended vacation, paying essentially nothing in taxes for 2010 despite raking in $5.1 billionContinue reading “On Tax Day, Time to Tell Corporations that the Game of Tax Dodgeball is Over”

Why Medicaid Matters

In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicaid and Medicare into law. At the signing ceremony, he spoke of the tradition of leadership that compelled the country to create such programs. He also spoke of another tradition, one embedded in our national identity and values. He said this value “calls upon us never to be indifferentContinue reading “Why Medicaid Matters”

Big Banks Must Step Up to Address the Revenue Crisis

The big banks live in a parallel universe. In their universe, the financial meltdown was beyond their power to stop.  The recession that left more than 1/10th of the American workforce unemployed is a shame they had little to do with.  The massive government bailout of the financial system was an opportunity to make aContinue reading “Big Banks Must Step Up to Address the Revenue Crisis”

Washington CAN! Holds Action Demanding Big Banks To End Foreclosures

On Tuesday, October 26th, at 11:30 a.m., more than two dozen homeowners, friends, and community members marched into Chase Bank in downtown Burien, Washington and demanded an end to foreclosures in the state. These homeowners represented just a handful of the 225,000 underwater homeowners in the state of Washington. The action, organized by Washington CAN!,Continue reading “Washington CAN! Holds Action Demanding Big Banks To End Foreclosures”

Banks and Foreclosures: Where’s the Accountability?

Over the past several weeks Bank of America, Ally, and GMAC have announced that they have will be halting foreclosures in the 23 states that require a judge to sign off on foreclosures before eviction. Did this decision come from enlightened bank management who understand what is needed to stabilize the housing market and pullContinue reading “Banks and Foreclosures: Where’s the Accountability?”

Where’s the Note: Is Your Mortgage Affected?

Recent reports show the bankers in charge of approving the foreclosure paperwork weren’t even reading what they were signing. Wall Street has bought and sold our mortgages so many times, they’ve lost track of who owns what. And now they’re getting caught red-handed. In one state, two banks tried to foreclose on the same home.Continue reading “Where’s the Note: Is Your Mortgage Affected?”

Washington CAN! Holds Move Your Money Action at Seattle Bank of America Offices

In Washington state, big out-of-state banks such as Bank of America, Chase, Citigroup, KeyBank, and Wells Fargo are using the money from their hard-working customers’ accounts to kill legislation that would help local communities–including a renewal of a $67 million tax break for themselves. While thousands of vital state services are cut and state employeesContinue reading “Washington CAN! Holds Move Your Money Action at Seattle Bank of America Offices”