Organizers Gathered for Annual Alliance CORE Training

Dedicated to the struggle for justice, organizers from across the country came together for the Alliance’s annual 4-day training from May 16-19, with aims to grow, invigorate and innovate. This core training is offered to new organizers from state affiliates’ staff and volunteers, with trainings on basic organizing skills.

“I’ve seen what community organizing can do and the incredible strength that intelligent, progressive people have when united. Hearing about the changes and victories that occurred has only confirmed for me that this is the work that I want to do: I’ve found my calling!”

This year, 28 organizers joined our team of trainers to learn campaign planning, power mapping, leadership development, outreach, communications and direct action.  Participants were given the opportunity to practice planning and executing actions by participating in a field piece:  a door-to-door canvass organized by Washington Community Action Network where trainees talked local residents about “Fix the Debt”.

“ I can and must continue discussing immigration reform with our senators and representatives. We must continue to canvass and gather more people to the cause of immigration reform.”

Beyond the nuts-and-bolts training, the 4-day also provides a unique opportunity for organizers with diverse ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds—from Bozeman, Montana to the Bronx, from Portland, Maine to Portland Oregon– to share experiences and perspectives in a safe and open setting.


“I got into organizing to fight for equality for the LGBT community, but have an ever growing passion for immigration, economic and healthcare reform. Being so new to this, I’ve just been absorbing everything like a sponge, waiting to take this home with me and put it into action.”

Participants are encouraged to recognize and confront institutional racism, to take a step back and look at issues through a racial justice lens, and to view the issues and campaigns we all work on as an expression of our commitment to racial and economic justice.  These trainings are designed to give organizers the tools that will help them change people’s perspectives and inspire them to take action—one conversation at a time.


“What I am willing to give back to the organization that sent me:  Commitment, time, energy, and gratitude. This was an invaluable experience and I recognize what an incredible opportunity I was given to attend as an active member of this organization.”

The Alliance asked participants to weigh in on their expectations, on how they the training added perspective or gave them renewed inspiration:


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“To dismantle systems that lead to suffering, we must build and train an army of love.”


“I haven’t taken on an organizing role, so learning each intricate step to making change… I am deeply inspired.”
“Next year, we hope there are more people like us: from the east, the west, rural, urban, activists, students, educators and visionaries.”


“The more opinions in the room, the stronger the conversations became.”