When Living Your Life is Called a Crime


Millions of people have become casualties of the prevailing system of criminalization. Entire communities of people must be deemed “throw-away” or “castaways” in order to gain maximum profits and drive a robust free- market that exists beyond the realm of ethics and humanity. These communities are almost always low-income and disproportionately, communities of color.

The influence of the profit-driven in our legal system and the systems that feed it must continue this trend in order to maintain their financial gains. Gains made at the expense of millions of Americans.

The  Institute for Pragmatic Practice, Union Theological Seminary and the Alliance for a Just Society hosted Cell Blocks and Border Stops in NYC.

The following stories are pulled from a companion report, addressing the systemic and pervasive attempts to criminalize communities as they live their regular, daily lives. These voices are standing up and pushing back against the tide. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

Marco SaavedraAsim Hashim.


Maria Holt

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