Faces and Stories of U.S. Immigrants: Raising Our Voices to Unite Families and Strengthen Communities to Realize the Dream of Justice, Freedom, and Opportunity

Immigrants today face many obstacles to obtaining education, fair working conditions and basic privileges. These policy changes could help lessen the struggles they face. Download the report.

Profits Not Care: A Study of Staffing and Profits in Washington’s For-Profit Nursing Homes

For-profit nursing homes are making a profit by spending less than their allotted funds on elder care. Nursing homes should be accountable to providing quality care instead of profiting from public funds. Download the report.

Drug Buying Pools: The Prescription for What’s Ailing Washington’s Health Care Budget

Washington’s state budget is increasingly burdened by rising prescription drug costs. The creation of a regional state buying pool can help alleviate the current strain. Download the report.