The Road to Prosperity

Giving Idaho Immigrants the Chance to Apply for a Driver’s License Cultivates a Future of Shared Opportunity and Success to the Benefit of All Idahoans Read: The Road to Prosperity This report was produced by Julie Chinitz, Ben Henry, Fernando Mejia and Sheley Secrest of the Alliance for a Just Society, and Krista Bustamante, AnaContinue reading “The Road to Prosperity”

Pushing Back Against the Criminalization of Everyday Life.

In the past four decades, mass incarceration and immigration control in the United States has skyrocketed. Today, the U.S. incarcerates more of its population than any other country in the world – at rates unmatched in modern history. More than seven million people are under control of the criminal justice system. The U.S. has lessContinue reading “Pushing Back Against the Criminalization of Everyday Life.”

Bar to a Healthy Future: Stories of the Immigrant Children Left Behind

This publication describes the experiences of just a few of the children who are left behind by the 1996 (pre-SCHIP) immigration-related restrictions. It also tells the stories of not-so-different children who have benefited from the wise investment in health insurance that should be available to all our young people.

In Our Own Words: Immigrants’ Experiences in the Northwest

Politicians and the media paint conflicting pictures of the influence of immigrants on our communities and the economy, and argue whether and how the nation should welcome or discourage immigration. As this debate grows louder, seldom heard are the voices of immigrants themselves. Download the report.

Shared History, Shared Hopes: A Photo Exhibit Documenting the Contributions, Struggles and Dreams of Idaho’s Immigrant Communities

All human beings deserve respect for their dignity and human rights. Idaho’s immigrants will continue contributing and giving to Idaho – and also striving for the promise of justice and equity to be fulfilled. Download the report.

Faces and Stories of U.S. Immigrants: Raising Our Voices to Unite Families and Strengthen Communities to Realize the Dream of Justice, Freedom, and Opportunity

Immigrants today face many obstacles to obtaining education, fair working conditions and basic privileges. These policy changes could help lessen the struggles they face. Download the report.