To Tackle Racial Justice, Organizing Must Change

Originally published in The Forge, this opinion piece is coauthored by LeeAnn Hall, Libero Della Piana, and Prof. Daniel Martinez HoSang. In his 1998 article “The Last Stop Sign,” the Oakland-based organizer Gary Delgado issued a friendly provocation: organizers must directly take on race and racism. The dominant traditions of community organizing at the time,Continue reading “To Tackle Racial Justice, Organizing Must Change”

Public Transit, Built Back Better

The Build Back Better plan’s historic investment in public transit would have a tremendous positive impact. If you follow the news about President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, you might have heard a lot about its 10-year price tag. But you probably haven’t heard much about what it would actually do. The bill will investContinue reading “Public Transit, Built Back Better”