ICAN Members Stop Home Foreclosure Auction in Lewiston

On August 2, members of Alliance affiliate Idaho Community Action Network successfully disrupted the foreclosure auction of ICAN member Ashlee Wemhoff’s home in Lewiston, Idaho.  Ashlee’s home was put into foreclosure after her husband had an accident and was unable to work.

Two Banking Regulations on Small Business Wish List

Mere days before National Small Business Week kicked off it was revealed that JP Morgan Chase and CEO wonder boy Jamie Dimon lost $2B (now $3B by some estimates) on derivative trades meant to mitigate risk. This was a stark reminder for small businesses that nearly 4 years after the economic collapse wreaked havoc onContinue reading “Two Banking Regulations on Small Business Wish List”

Move to Amend is Moving In Oregon

From the Main Street Alliance Website: Main Street Alliance of Oregon has been surveying business owners throughout Oregon and is finding strong interest in electoral reform. Currently around eight in ten business owners feel the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, freeing corporations to spend unlimited sums of money in elections, is bad for small business.Continue reading “Move to Amend is Moving In Oregon”

Student Loan Interest Rate is a Political Distraction

Student loan interest rates have taken center stage in the latest partisan political debate. In response to the economic crisis, the federal government reduced the interest rate for Stafford Loans from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. But that was only temporary.

New Main Street Alliance Video: Foxes Guarding the Hen House

The Main Street Alliance has a great new video highlighting the dominating role insurance companies are playing in state health insurance policy.   “Foxes Guarding the Hen House”  is part of MSA’s ongoing campaign to ensure that the health insurance exchanges that are created in each state work for small businesses.  

Occupy Protests Have Shifted National Dialogue, 2012 Elections Loom

The Occupy protests that have sprouted up in over a thousand cities nationwide have had a profound effect on the political landscape. Barely four months ago, the dominant narrative was that the country is broke and we have to tighten our belts through “fiscal austerity,” with nary a mention of income inequality and who paysContinue reading “Occupy Protests Have Shifted National Dialogue, 2012 Elections Loom”

Bank of America to Charge Fee to Use… Your Money

Beginning January One, Bank of America will be charging customers $5 a month to use their debit cards. Back in 2009, small businesses banded together to fight back against ever escalating fees levied by the banks. This was a monumental win for small businesses- these fees amounted to a $16Billion a year transfer of wealthContinue reading “Bank of America to Charge Fee to Use… Your Money”

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Lacks Director: Small Businesses Economy Suffers

More than a year after the passage of the financial reform, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau still doesn’t have a director at the helm. Robert Cordray, former Ohio Attorney General, awaits confirmation, now stalled by Senate Republicans more interested in abetting the banks and gutting the bureau than in protecting consumers. This is bad notContinue reading “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Lacks Director: Small Businesses Economy Suffers”

E-verify Hurts Local Economies

Main Street Alliance members Edgar Andrade of Bushwick, Brooklyn and Jim Houser of Portland, Oregon were joined on a press call Wednesday by Mayor Paul Bridges of Uvalda, GA to address the drastic ramifications of state-based, enforcement-only immigration laws. These laws are being enacted in states across the country, starting in Arizona and spreading toContinue reading “E-verify Hurts Local Economies”