Delaying the Vote in Immigration Reform Has Not Silenced the Movement

We have the votes. Supporters of immigration reform in the House of Representatives have said it on many occasions, even before the Congressional recess, that the votes exist in the House to pass immigration reform.

Delaying the vote seems to be the House opposition’s approach to waiting for the immigration reform movement to divide itself, disengage from the efforts, or even disperse.

In January of this year the message from Washington DC was that the Senate would never vote on this issue. We pushed them to a vote, and a vote with an overwhelming majority in favor of a pathway to citizenship. Despite the fact that there are issues in the imperfect bill, there are provisions that embody the principles of the movement.

Heading into the recess, the message was that nothing would ever pass the House. These distracting attempts at making us disillusioned have not worked.

During the recess comprehensive immigration reform advocates have outnumbered the opposition. We have engaged elected officials in Oregon, through Oregon Action, to demand a pathway. In Virginia, do the diligent efforts of Virginia Organizing, Rep. Goodlatte, has agreed that we need to pass reform.

In New York, Rep. Grimm, representing a rather conservative district, but still in the city known for its myriad immigrant populations, has agreed that the vote needs to happen.

These are reflections of a growing sense of power. The perseverance of women, men youth and children in the Immigration Reform Movement fed an evolution in understanding the tactics and strategies against us, and the need to stand united.

If there is one message we can give to grassroots leaders and voices is to engage. Engage the opposition, find the common ground to keep families together and demand a pathway to citizenship. We have stayed engaged through every hardship thrown in our path, but the more we keep our voices heard, the more people will come and stand with immigration reform.


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