Ashland, OR: Another Victory for Local Banking

Oregon Action! nailed another victory to move municipal money out from under major banks. After many months working to engage local municipalities on responsible banking practices, OA!  moved the Ashland City Council to unanimously pass a resolution authorizing the city to move some of its money out of Wells Fargo and to establish accounts atContinue reading “Ashland, OR: Another Victory for Local Banking”

ICAN Members Stop Home Foreclosure Auction in Lewiston

On August 2, members of Alliance affiliate Idaho Community Action Network successfully disrupted the foreclosure auction of ICAN member Ashlee Wemhoff’s home in Lewiston, Idaho.  Ashlee’s home was put into foreclosure after her husband had an accident and was unable to work.

ICAN Applauds Obama Administration’s Proposal to Keep Families United

Alliance affiliate Idaho Community Action Network today applauded the Obama Administration’s proposed rule change allowing spouses and children of U.S. citizens to stay together in the United States while family members work to gain permanent U.S. residency.  

Health Care 2011: Year in Review

The election in November of 2010 shifted the political ground both in D.C. and in many state legislatures. These political changes brought efforts to repeal the ACA and to reduce the national commitment both to Medicaid and to critical programs funded as a part of reform. The efforts by the political right to reset theContinue reading “Health Care 2011: Year in Review”

Small Businesses Applaud Paid Sick Days Vote in Seattle

Last week, the Seattle City Council, in a historic voted, passed a new city-wide standard ensuring that workers will have access to paid sick days. The vote tally was a resounding 8-1, a testament to the broad support the proposal garnered from key stakeholders in the community – including local small business owners.

Immigrants Facing Deportation Might Stay in the US

Yesterday, President Obama announced that undocumented immigrants without criminal records facing deportation can stay in the U.S. The government is saying that many of them might be able to apply for a work permit.

Main Street Takes on Wall Street…And Wins!

Big bank lobbyists have been putting on a full-court press in Washington, D.C. to roll back components of the financial overhaul passed last year and free Wall Street to go back to the “business as usual” that led to the financial crisis in 2008. The bankers are gunning for the new Consumer Protection Bureau andContinue reading “Main Street Takes on Wall Street…And Wins!”

Foreclosure Fairness Now Law in Washington State

Last week, the Washington state “Foreclosure Fairness Act” was signed into law, marking a major victory in a long, multi-year fight by advocates for low-income borrowers, including the Statewide Poverty Action Network and Washington Community Action Network (an Alliance affiliate.)

Make the Road New York Wins Law to Help Tenants Breathe Easier

On January 5 Make the Road New York, an Alliance for a Just Society  affiliate, won passage of comprehensive New York City legislation that will crack down on dangerous housing conditions that endanger the health and well-being of families.

Main Street Alliance of Washington Members Meet with President Obama

On Tuesday, August 17, all eyes were on Seattle’s Pioneer Square as President Obama was in town stumping for Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) in her critical primary race. Obama and Murray held a private meeting at a café with three small business owners to discuss the economy, as well as what could be done toContinue reading “Main Street Alliance of Washington Members Meet with President Obama”