Who Pays: Millionaires or The Rest of Us?

Over the last three decades the average family income has stagnated while the top 2% has seen their portion of the national income quadruple– at the expense of working families. This week, Alliance affiliates across the country mobilized in a series of actions to emphasize the message that was sent in last week’s election.

ICAN’s “Radio Voz de Magic Valley” to Go Live Soon

After more than two and a half years of preparation, KBWE Radio Voz de Magic Valley, a project of Idaho Community Action Network, is near completion.  KBWE—and the campaign to establish it—will provide a focal point for the growing role of Idaho’s Latino and new immigrant community in Idaho’s Magic Valley.

Foreclosure Crisis: AJS Affiliates Fight Fannie Mae in LA, Meet with Congress in DC

As part of the escalation of tactics against mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, members of Alliance affiliate Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN)  joined Right to the City, ACCE and others to bring the fight directly to Fannie Mae at their regional headquarters in Los Angeles last week.

Make the Road New York Helps Unionize Exploited Car Wash Workers

Alliance for a Just Society affiliate Make The Road New York, along with their partners in the “WASH New York” campaign, New York Communities for Change, have been working with car wash workers across the city to speak out and stand up against the gross labor violations rife in this notorious industry.  On September 8th, the workersContinue reading “Make the Road New York Helps Unionize Exploited Car Wash Workers”

ICAN Members Stop Home Foreclosure Auction in Lewiston

On August 2, members of Alliance affiliate Idaho Community Action Network successfully disrupted the foreclosure auction of ICAN member Ashlee Wemhoff’s home in Lewiston, Idaho.  Ashlee’s home was put into foreclosure after her husband had an accident and was unable to work.

AJS affiliates respond to ACA ruling

Alliance for a Just Society affiliates organized actions in response to the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, helping to frame the debate moving forward. Here are a few highlights of the coverage from Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Main Street Alliance:

City of Portland Moves Closer to Divestment

From Ron Williams, Executive Director, Oregon Action Alliance for a Just Society affiliate Oregon Action testified in front of the Portland City Council on May 9th in support of a local ordinance that would divest money out of Wells Fargo and into local community banks and credit unions. 

Alliance for a Just Society leaders shut down the Wells Fargo Shareholders Meeting

  The next step in our campaign to take on the big banks pay and win relief for homeowners is to disrupt business as usual at shareholder meetings across the country. The goal of these actions is to build off the fall mobilizations and the Occupations to keep up the street heat holding the 1%Continue reading “Alliance for a Just Society leaders shut down the Wells Fargo Shareholders Meeting”

The Immigrant & Latino Vote Matters in Idaho

Latinos are growing fast in both numbers and voting strength in Idaho. With over 11 % of the state’s population concentrated in specific counties, Latinos are the swing voters for some state races and the 1st congressional district. This power will only grow with time as age eligibility and naturalization rates increase for Latinos in Idaho.

Broken Hearts, Broken Budgets: ICAN Valentine’s Day Action

Thanks to ICAN Intern Emma Ayers for this report. February 14th this year, members of Alliance affiliate Idaho Community Action Network (ICAN)  had some very specific valentines to deliver to payday lending stores across the valley.  These over-sized valentines with broken hearts of pink and red symbolized a message and a demand: stop breaking ourContinue reading “Broken Hearts, Broken Budgets: ICAN Valentine’s Day Action”