Who Pays: Millionaires or The Rest of Us?

Over the last three decades the average family income has stagnated while the top 2% has seen their portion of the national income quadruple– at the expense of working families. This week, Alliance affiliates across the country mobilized in a series of actions to emphasize the message that was sent in last week’s election.

Alaska Natives Rally for Traditional Hunting & Fishing Rights

After days of rain and snow in Anchorage,Alaska, the skies cleared and it warmed to chilly 34 degrees just in time for 400 Natives to rally in a park to call for an end to increasing regulations, enforcement and criminalization of their traditional way of life. A unique scene in Alaska: 400 Natives taking toContinue reading “Alaska Natives Rally for Traditional Hunting & Fishing Rights”

The Myth of an Honest Living: When One Job Just Isn’t Enough

It is a basic American value: Hard work should earn you a paycheck that pays enough to survive. In this land of opportunity, an honest living should provide enough to make a living. However, as we find in our upcoming Job Gap Study — which calculates the living wage in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, andContinue reading “The Myth of an Honest Living: When One Job Just Isn’t Enough”

Does the NFIB represent small business…or big special interests?

Cross-posted from Public Campaign website. Analysis by Public Campaign and Alliance for a Just Society The National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), heralded as the “voice” of America’s small businesses, has received renewed scrutiny due to its role as the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit to throw out the Affordable Care Act, which awaits aContinue reading “Does the NFIB represent small business…or big special interests?”

When Feeding Your Family Is Illegal

For Native people of the Yukon Flats, feeding your family requires the ability to hunt and fish for their foods. After spending a week in the Flats, assisting the Council of Athabascan Tribal Governments (CATG) on a campaign to secure traditional food and hunting and fishing practices; I would argue that it is the onlyContinue reading “When Feeding Your Family Is Illegal”

Surprise: Aetna Funneled Millions to Chamber of Commerce

It looks like insurance giant Aetna made more than $4M in political donations to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce last year (and another $3M to conservative advocacy group American Action Network). This news emerged in an accidental — and later amended — disclosure. Aetna says it handed over the dollars for educational purposes and notContinue reading “Surprise: Aetna Funneled Millions to Chamber of Commerce”

Shareholders Should Have a Say in Corporate Political Spending

This spring, the Alliance for a Just Society participated in Shareholder Spring, in which grassroots leaders descended on shareholder meetings to demand an end to corporate dominance of our politics and our increasingly unequal economy.

Is this what “secret ballot” means?

In the United States, the secret ballot is a long-standing tradition. But that refers to our choices as voters remaining secret – not to the idea that we don’t know who we’re voting for. But now we’re living in the world of Citizens United, in which outside groups can pool rich people’s millions with corporations’Continue reading “Is this what “secret ballot” means?”

Small Businesses Stand Up for Health Care

Small business leaders in the Main Street Alliance network stood up to be counted on health care over the last ten days as the Affordable Care Act’s two year anniversary led into oral arguments at the Supreme Court.  

Alliance Hosts Institute for Pragmatic Practice Symposium

Rural Organizing Project Cara Shufelt (2nd right) joined AJS Executive Director LeeAnn Hall (3rd right) and Gary Delgado (right) in honoring  Marcy Westerling (left)  founding Director of the Rural Organizing Project. The Alliance for a Just Society hosted our third Institute for Pragmatic Practice symposium on March 28-30. The Institute for Pragmatic Practice (IPP) isContinue reading “Alliance Hosts Institute for Pragmatic Practice Symposium”