20 Years Later, Can We Finally End Excessive Policing?

The movement against police violence — a movement perhaps best summed up by the slogan Black Lives Matter — is at a turning point. Of course, police abuse of power is as old as policing itself. Racist and disproportionate police misconduct, and violence targeted at communities of color, is just as lasting. But it seemsContinue reading “20 Years Later, Can We Finally End Excessive Policing?”

From Oregon to New York, Law Officers Just Say ‘No’ to ICE

Last week the New York City Council passed legislation, 41-6, stopping the New York Police Department and the New York City Department of Corrections from honoring detainer requests from ICE, unless they are backed by a federal warrant. “Today is a historic day. After five years of work, New York City will put an endContinue reading “From Oregon to New York, Law Officers Just Say ‘No’ to ICE”

Arrested for Standing on a Sidewalk

It’s a familiar scene. One parent takes their children into a restaurant to use the restroom while the other parent waits outside. It’s been done by many of us — as parents, aunties, uncles, siblings. When kids have to go, they have to go. But on July 19 this year, this simple and innocent scenarioContinue reading “Arrested for Standing on a Sidewalk”

No New Jails: Consider Alternatives to Incarcerating Children

King County Council members in Washington state are charging ahead with plans to build a new juvenile detention center to be known as the Children and Family Justice Center (CFJC). The county’s existing youth facility in Seattle has 50 beds – and is not even filled to capacity. The new jail triples the number ofContinue reading “No New Jails: Consider Alternatives to Incarcerating Children”

Poor, in Prison – and Pregnant

As poverty levels in the U.S. increase, safety nets are  slashed, and families are left with few options for survival. As a result, more people are forced into difficult economic decisions, including alternative street-based economies and crime from sheer economic desperation. Many of these people are women and mothers. Among women who are fortunate enoughContinue reading “Poor, in Prison – and Pregnant”

Oregon Activists at the Heart of Fight to End ICE Holds

By Nicole Brown Center for Intercultural Organizing Last week when I received a call from Multnomah County Chair Marissa Madrigal and then from Sheriff Daniel Staton, I wondered if the sheriff might finally be reconsidering his policy on holding immigrants in jail at the request of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). But I never couldContinue reading “Oregon Activists at the Heart of Fight to End ICE Holds”