Banning Racial Profiling is Long Overdue

It didn’t get much media attention, but the U.S. Congress banned the use of federal funds for racial profiling last week by voice vote. This adds to the existing federal rules which ban federal law enforcement agencies and joint task forces from racial profiling (excluding airport security. We have our eye on you TSA!). OfContinue reading “Banning Racial Profiling is Long Overdue”

20 Years Later, Can We Finally End Excessive Policing?

The movement against police violence — a movement perhaps best summed up by the slogan Black Lives Matter — is at a turning point. Of course, police abuse of power is as old as policing itself. Racist and disproportionate police misconduct, and violence targeted at communities of color, is just as lasting. But it seemsContinue reading “20 Years Later, Can We Finally End Excessive Policing?”

From Oregon to New York, Law Officers Just Say ‘No’ to ICE

Last week the New York City Council passed legislation, 41-6, stopping the New York Police Department and the New York City Department of Corrections from honoring detainer requests from ICE, unless they are backed by a federal warrant. “Today is a historic day. After five years of work, New York City will put an endContinue reading “From Oregon to New York, Law Officers Just Say ‘No’ to ICE”

Arrested for Standing on a Sidewalk

It’s a familiar scene. One parent takes their children into a restaurant to use the restroom while the other parent waits outside. It’s been done by many of us — as parents, aunties, uncles, siblings. When kids have to go, they have to go. But on July 19 this year, this simple and innocent scenarioContinue reading “Arrested for Standing on a Sidewalk”

Justice for Michael Brown! End Racial Profiling and Police Violence

The images of protest and militarized police response in Ferguson, Missouri are shocking. But developments in that small suburban town are simply exposing the racial reality that millions of people of color face every day. Everyday experiences with the courts, media, government authorities and police remind us, in ways large and small, that the livesContinue reading “Justice for Michael Brown! End Racial Profiling and Police Violence”

New ‘Beyond Cellblocks’ Webinar: Ending Police-ICE Collaboration

Throughout the country, local police have been partnering with immigration services, resulting in unfair targeting and treatment of people of color. On Tuesday July 1, join us for an important video discussion about ending collaboration between local law enforcement agencies and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In addition to educating participants on the police-ICE collaborationContinue reading “New ‘Beyond Cellblocks’ Webinar: Ending Police-ICE Collaboration”

Speaking Up, Sharing Stories to Stop Police Misconduct

Lisa Haynes was waiting for a bus near her home in Portland, Ore., when two police officers passing in a patrol car stopped and began questioning her. Uncertain of what was happening, or why she was being questioned, she turned to walk away. Within moments, Haynes, 4’10”, was forcefully grabbed, pushed to the ground andContinue reading “Speaking Up, Sharing Stories to Stop Police Misconduct”

Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants Strengthens Families and the Economy

Across the nation, families, business owners, and police officers are calling on lawmakers to bring fairness to all in need of driver’s licenses – an item that many simply take for granted as an award for learning the rules of the road. But for millions of undocumented residents throughout the U.S., the denial of thisContinue reading “Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants Strengthens Families and the Economy”

Looking Back, and Forward, at Post-Katrina Justice and Accountability

August 29, 2010, marks the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Even now, survivors still face devastation and daily reminders of the governmental system that failed them. Hurricane Katrina raises the opportunity for all of us to question the role of government in communities, especially black communities. It also provides an opportunity to evaluate the useContinue reading “Looking Back, and Forward, at Post-Katrina Justice and Accountability”