Medicaid Matters in Idaho

“Medicaid does more than provide health coverage and services for seniors, low-income  children and families, and people with disabilities. It is also an economic engine.” An Alliance report released just last month details the growing need for medicaid coverage in the state, while lawmakers are continuing a trend toward reducing more critical services. The resultContinue reading “Medicaid Matters in Idaho”

With the New Year comes a new Fiscal Showdown

On the first day of the 2013, Congress passed a legislative compromise to address the so-called ‘fiscal cliff,’ while setting the stage for Round 2 of an ongoing Fiscal Showdown.

What We Can’t Afford to Give Up in the Budget Fight

  A report released by AFL-CIO lays out the state-by-state impact of cutting Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

Paul Ryan Nomination Has Huge Implications for Medicaid

The decision by the Romney campaign to tap Representative Paul Ryan for the Vice-Presidency will have implications for the health care advocacy community. This nomination is sure to make the debate over Medicaid a national debate, not just a state-by-state one. This will happen because the Republican Campaign seems to be embracing the entire RyanContinue reading “Paul Ryan Nomination Has Huge Implications for Medicaid”

The Value(s) of Medicaid: 47 Years Later

July 30th marked the 47th anniversary of Medicaid and Medicare. It’s hard to imagine that 47 years ago, these critical programs that we have grown to love and rely on, were controversial sticking points that were hotly contested for years prior to being passed through the legislature- similar to the Affordable Care Act; passed onlyContinue reading “The Value(s) of Medicaid: 47 Years Later”

If your state chooses not to expand Medicaid…you get to pay anyway.

Bill Daley is the Federal Issues Policy Director at The Alliance for a Just Society. The surprising ruling by the Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act has tempted a spate of Governors to suggest that their states will not participate in the expansion of Medicaid.

Medicaid and the Supreme Court Case

The case challenging the Affordable Care Act has a lot in it to think about. Much of the public debate and the stories in the press are about the requirement that everyone have insurance – the individual responsibility requirement. But there also is a challenge to the Medicaid expansion.

Retta Green: “Medicaid truly is a Lifesaver”

This past weekend, organizers from the Alliance for a Just Society joined over 50 members of the Idaho Community Action Network at their annual meeting in Boise, Idaho. People traveled from all over the state to develop their 2012 issue agenda. They strategized around a number of issues including payday lending, immigrant rights, and foreclosures.Continue reading “Retta Green: “Medicaid truly is a Lifesaver””