Austerity versus Dignity for Senior Citizens: A Case for Strengthening Medicare

It seems we keep referencing Bill Daley’s recent post Has The Budget Crisis Du Jour Got You Down?. Maybe that’s because it gives you have a pretty good sense of the impending debt lid crisis that is due to hit in July, and that we need to be ready to push back against efforts toContinue reading “Austerity versus Dignity for Senior Citizens: A Case for Strengthening Medicare”

Report: Expanded Medicaid in Idaho Save Lives and Cuts Costs

  When the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act was announced this past summer, millions of Americans who had been waiting for relief were struck a surprising blow. Every state in the country could decide whether to implement the expanded Medicaid program outlined in the law, or not. Despite the fact that theContinue reading “Report: Expanded Medicaid in Idaho Save Lives and Cuts Costs”

Medicaid Matters in Idaho

“Medicaid does more than provide health coverage and services for seniors, low-income  children and families, and people with disabilities. It is also an economic engine.” An Alliance report released just last month details the growing need for medicaid coverage in the state, while lawmakers are continuing a trend toward reducing more critical services. The resultContinue reading “Medicaid Matters in Idaho”

Oregon Health Equity Alliance launches 2013 legislative campaign

Alliance affiliates Oregon Action and Center for Intercultural Organizing are key organizations in the newly formed Oregon Health Equity Alliance (OHEA), which officially launched their 2013 legislative campaign at a celebration in Portland on November 29th.

What We Can’t Afford to Give Up in the Budget Fight

  A report released by AFL-CIO lays out the state-by-state impact of cutting Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

Paul Ryan Nomination Has Huge Implications for Medicaid

The decision by the Romney campaign to tap Representative Paul Ryan for the Vice-Presidency will have implications for the health care advocacy community. This nomination is sure to make the debate over Medicaid a national debate, not just a state-by-state one. This will happen because the Republican Campaign seems to be embracing the entire RyanContinue reading “Paul Ryan Nomination Has Huge Implications for Medicaid”

The Value(s) of Medicaid: 47 Years Later

July 30th marked the 47th anniversary of Medicaid and Medicare. It’s hard to imagine that 47 years ago, these critical programs that we have grown to love and rely on, were controversial sticking points that were hotly contested for years prior to being passed through the legislature- similar to the Affordable Care Act; passed onlyContinue reading “The Value(s) of Medicaid: 47 Years Later”